If you read about my thought to return to a sci-fi novel I wrote more than thirty years ago and believe I will never do it, you should know that I completed in 2005 a novel I first conceived in 1969 and did research on in 1972. As a teenager, sci fi, horror, serious literary novels and non-fiction about ancient and 19-20th century warfare were my meat and potatoes. One ancient warfare tome's passages in particular caught my attention: the defense of the ancient Greek colony of Syracuse (Siracusa) against two legions of the Roman army by Archimedes.

Yep. The same guy who jumped out of the bath yelling "Eureka!" The same guy who invented the water screw, the elevator and complex pulley systems that allowed him to brag, "Give me a place to stand and I will move the world." Imagine a man in his seventies holding back the might of Rome for two years with his ultra-modern engines of war!

Decades passed in my life. Novels of ancient warfare periodically came out , but nothing in this, ahem, arena. Then Ridley Scott's Gladiator had excellent success on the big screen. Encouraged, I took my extensive research, including a personal visit I had made to then-Third-World Sicily and Siracusa, and went to work. A true labor of love - and I "kvell" with how it came out.

Ancient warfare novels are not usually on the bestseller list, so many publishers shy away in this "big-novel-only" climate. Therefore, I decided to take a gamble on a new venture called Archebooks, which had a publishing philosophy that I eagerly adhered to. Rather than explain it myself, just jump to www.Archebooks.com and read their raison d'etre.

Once again, the novel is about 80% fact. You can learn a great deal of history reading this one. Also, I have interwoven what I consider to be a first-rate love story, which should encourage the women who desire passion with their blood.
I envisioned the cover art, and my son helped me stage it and take the photo. It should be ordered directly online or, if you would like an autograph, from me.