One of the primary outlets for my fiction is Words Take Flight Books. As I was waiting for the e-book phenomenon to flourish, I wrote four novels – the plots of which are summarized below. The Book of Common Dread and The Blood of the Covenant are now available for the first time in e-book. Any authors looking for an opportunity to have their voices heard should seriously consider contacting the staff at Words Take Flight Books for publishing and publicity consideration.


ILLUSIONS (December, 2014)

Illusions is a foray into the world of professional magicians, where the line between illusion and reality is forever blurred. But not for Frank Spiegel, "Master of Illusion."

To him, there is no magic - no real magic. That is, not until he and his troupe uncover a sarcophagus reputed to have tremendous magical power. Trading their "most prized illusion," they gain possession of the artifact that could change their lives - only to learn that it could mean their lives.

In Illusions, the most powerful deception is the one we commit on ourselves when we think we have nothing to lose.


TIME STEP (September, 2012)

What would happen if the "Me Generation" could be transported back to live among the souls of "The Greatest Generation"? Nathaniel Allen and Daniel O'Shea, publicly serving as front men for a world Christian relief organization, are siphoning off food and medicine into the hands of corrupt foreign officials in exchange for "blood emeralds." On a break in London, they opt for a midnight trip in a pre-WWII subway train to visit old Underground sites…but their evening jaunt turns into the ultimate "tourist trap."

A train wreck leaves Nate and Dan the sole survivors – and somehow transported back to 1940 London at the dawn of the Nazi Blitz. That is where their perilous adventure in time begins as their search for a way home leads them to love they dare not return, into a plot to drive England into financial ruin and, perhaps, to a chance to redeem themselves in the past for their future.

Or is it their present?

NEVERMORE (May, 2012)

FACT: In 1849, Allan Pinkerton opened the first detective agency in America, which became famous for guarding the president and infamous for breaking strikes. 

FACT: In 1849, Edgar Allan Poe, master American author of the macabre, is found incoherent on a bench outside a saloon in Baltimore, devoid of thousands of dollars he had been carrying and wearing an old suit too small for him. He died without explaining the circumstances. 

WHAT IF: The original detective solves a case whose answer he can't reveal – even if admitting failure could end his career before it begins? In Nevermore, Pinkerton's financial backer convinces him to begin his agency in spectacular fashion by solving the apparent murder of the creator of the literary detective. In this tale that hits upon all of the touchstones of Poe's life – and death – no facts about Pinkerton or the famed author were altered to weave a story that every Poe enthusiast must read – for an answer to a riddle they have always wanted answered.


LOVE, MY NEIGHBOR (November, 2013)

In the tradition of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, with the wry humor of Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story and the stories from Lake Woebegone, freelance wordsmith Anna Morn tells the tale of her next-door neighbor, Ernie Love. It is a tale with a religious theme but  without dogma or preachy theology.

Recent move-in Ernie bucks the pressures of the neighborhood Decoration Mafia who insist every house be done to the Nines.  He instead places on his front lawn a crashed Santa’s sleigh with nine real, dead deer and message banner "Xmas Cancelled This Year."  When he fails to dispose of the deer after a citation, the judge orders him to perform community service.  This he does at a local church, where he continues to instigate trouble. Anna gives herself the task of solving the jealously guarded secret of Ernie and his antipathy toward religious expression. What she learns transforms the entire community from a place where Christmas is just another commercialized holiday to neighbors who begin to understand the true meaning behind the displays.